The ESBS shop

Welcome on the ESBS shop


On this page, you will find all the ESBS by-products, for sale once or twice a year.

The available items are sweatshirts, umbrellas as water bottles with the redesigned version of the ESBS logo. Orders will be possible by next year, from October 2023.


How to order our items?

  1. Download the purchase order and fill it up (at the bottom of page ↓)
  2. Come to the financial service and bring it along with cash -or a bank check- (Bat. D 4th floor - down the corridor) during the ordering period

(which will take place around the end of October).


If you missed the order period but you still want to get our items, send us a mail (maybe few are still available) :



  • Sweatshirts (25€)
  • Umbrellas (15€)
  • Water bottles (12€)


 Purchase orders to download