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Objectives in terms of knowledge (lecture content):Objectives in terms of knowledge (lecture content):
  • Introduction to the bases of biochemistry, the purification of different components (essentially proteins) by the use of chromatography technics.
  • Technics used: affinity chromatography, ion exchange and size exclusion. Analysis of the purified proteins on SDS-PAGE gel, native gel and visualization of proteins by staining with Coomasie blue.
  • Realization of the experiments according to the protocol provided and the information gleaned from the data sheets (under supervision of a teacher).
Course support ; Technical data sheets for different products and chromatography columns and protocos given by the teachers  

Compétences à acquérir

Objectives in terms of skills :
Ability to use various basic chromatography technics to purify proteins and amino acids as well as to analyze them.

Bibliographie, lectures recommandées

Lecture PDF, Publications, protocoles, G healthcare documentations on chromatography technics. Technical sheets of the products used.


École supérieure de biotechnologie de Strasbourg (ESBS)

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