Student Life

A healthy mind in a healthy body

In order to be at your best, to work well and to succeed in your studies, you also need time to relax! The ESBS students can take part in a wide variety of sports and cultural activities throughout the year.  


University Sport SUAPS

SUAPS offers a wide variety of activities (team sports, dance, marital arts, hiking, etc.) for a sum of only 15 Euros paid during registration. For more information please consult the registration conditions on the website.

Sport via InterAgros

The ESBS sends teams into university tournaments each year. These tournaments are not really about competing but about letting off steam together. At the end of the year, these teams defend the school at the InterAgros, a sporting event for agronomy schools.

Culture with the “Carte Culture”

The “Carte Culture” offers a variety of benefits: free access to Strasbourg museums and preferential rates for the cinema, theatre, opera and concerts by the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Student Catering at “R.U.”

Situated on the Illkirch campus, Resto U serves 6 different hot meals every day at a very reasonable price. Choose from pasta, pizza, dish of the day, rotisserie or grill. Open to staff and students.

Student Accommodation via “CROUS”

In order to request accommodation in a university residence, you must fill in a Dossier Social Étudiant (DSE) request each year between 15 January and 30 April. The request must be made before you have passed your end-of-year exams or chosen your future pathway. Please consult the CROUS website for more information.

Social Events

The Amicale regularly organises “Fouaille” events, a meeting place for students from ESBS and Télécom Physique Strasbourg, as well as “salle poly” events once per month.

InterAgros: Sport, events and concerts as well as battle cries, slogans and banners. The aim is to show our colours (orange and black) to the other schools.  

POLY brings together the Strasbourg engineering schools and holds regular events in various venues in Strasbourg.

Student Engagement

ESBS students can take part in many different organisations.