Library at Pôle API

Situated on the 4th floor of Building A, the central library is shared by the 3 institutions of Pôle API:

The library collection encompasses the areas of interest explored by the students of these 3 institutions during their studies: physics, electronics, biotechnology, molecular biology, biochemistry, remote sensing, biomechanics, genetics, bioinformatics and computer science.
Resources relating to the main areas of research carried out by the laboratories in physics, biotechnology and computer science are also available.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: from 12h to 17h (by appointment only)


  • Quiet workspace for studies and research
  • 70 seats in an area of 550 m2
  • 1 consultation room
  • 8 computers
  • sockets for connecting laptops
  • 1 News space
  • 1 local photocopier: use student card to scan, copy and print (thanks to integrated chip)

Loan Conditions

Registration at the library allows you to borrow from all Strasbourg university libraries on all campuses (Esplanade, Cronenbourg, Médecine). ING1 and ING2 enjoy the following borrowing rights:

- 8 books for 2 weeks
- renewable twice