Clubs & Societies

ESBS students can take part in many different organisations.
Most of these organisations have their own websites and are therefore only briefly presented here.

Amicale at ESBS

This organisation plans events, runs the ESBS Students’ Forum and signs sports teams up for university tournaments. It also organises the orientation weekend for first years and manages team participation in the InterAgros Festival, etc.


The Student Council

The Student Council is an organisation which represents students and makes proposals for improvements to the School Board. The members of the council support the students’ Wiki.


Nouvelle Génération des Biotechnologistes (New Generation of Biotechnologists)

This organisation brings together young scientists in the field of biotechnology and other life sciences at a national level.


Association des Anciens de l’ESBS (ESBS Alumni Association)

This organisation is made up of former students. It holds an annual meeting for alumni and advertises job offers.


Gala PS-BS (Telecom Physique Strasbourg - École Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg)

The Gala Committee is formed of elected members and focuses specifically on the Gala.

Join the University of Strasbourg Alumni Network!

Become a member of the University of Strasbourg Alumni Network-Member!



The University of Strasbourg Alumni Network comprises graduates, doctoral students and staff of the University of Strasbourg and the three former universities of Louis Pasteur, Marc Bloch and Robert Schuman. Established in 2012, its founding principle is to create and strengthen solidarity between generations in order to promote the employment of young graduates in particular.

By joining the Alumni Network, you will be able to: 

  • meet former students, expand your personal and professional network
  • find opportunities for employment or work placement/internships
  • sponsor a student or another alumni
  • access experts in all disciplines
  • attend scientific and cultural events run by your faculty, school, UFR or institute and by the University of Strasbourg
  • share your experiences
  • become an Alumni Ambassador for your city

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Facebook: /alumni.unistra
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