Quality Approach

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Continuous Improvement

As part of our quality approach, we would like to provide you with an improvement form, which allows to point out errors or to propose suggestions for improvement.

Your report will be dealt with within the next 15 working days. Our staff will try to fix the errors as soon as possible and depending on the feasibility of the suggestion.

ESBS Quality Policy

The École Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg (ESBS) is committed to continuously improve through the implementation of a quality management system (QMS).

The principal objective of this approach is to ensure high-quality scientific and technological education for our students. Therfore we are keeping up with the requirements of professional and research environments and we value supportive and ethical manner in order to award an engineering qualification.

We aim to satisfy all parties involved, by respecting our commitments and ensuring the excellence of our performance in education and administration.  

1. Student satisfaction

The school is committed to providing education in line with students’ expectations and current regulation, by creating a favourable environment for teaching.

2. Staff satisfaction

The school is committed to providing staff with a functioning working environment, to promoting collaborative working and to recognising individual activities within our QMS.

3. Business satisfaction

The school is committed, vis-à-vis the industry, to training engineers who are operationally ready, in line with socio-economic needs in France and abroad.

4. Administrative satisfaction

The school is committed to meeting the requirements governing the activities of education and research, such as those determined by the Ministry of Education, Unistra, CTI, HCERES and the Bologna Process.

The fulfilment of these objectives requires a high level of professionalism based on continuous improvement in skills, collective efficiency, operational consistency and accuracy, to ensure that every task is accomplished according to the stipulated rules and regulations.  

The management of internal practices, of transparency and of credibility of processes and persons will help to improve the running of the ESBS and to anticipate actions by means of more efficient responsiveness to faults. This approach will also strengthen the protection of beneficiaries and provide reliable information for the definition of the school’s strategic directions, in line with those of the central services of the University of Strasbourg.

The commitment of all staff is essential for the attainment of this objective. The Board therefore asks everyone to adopt a strong participatory approach and would like to thank everyone for their involvement. The Board is committed to taking action and to raising awareness and recognition of our approach through ISO 9001 certification.

 Illkirch, 24 March 2015,

Le Directeur de l’ESBS


Signature du Directeur

Global Quality Approach

The Head of the School partcipates in the development and support of the quality approach (see Politique qualité).

To be focues on more than just the reception of our users, a more global approach for all activities within the school (see Cartographie des processus), responding to the expectations of the CTI, has to be established.

This is supposed to allow the improvement of our organisation, the extern and intern circulation of information, the possibilty to react in line with our mission and bringing the staff together to improve.