Institut de Recherche de l’Ecole de Biotechnologie (IREBS) (School of Biotechnology Research Institute)

Situated in the same premises as the school, IREBS is composed of UMR 7242 and UMS 3286.

UMR 7242 Biotechnology and Cellular Signalling

Genome Integrity and Tumour Biology (scientific management: Valérie Schreiber)

Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation and Genome Integrity (Françoise Dantzer and Valérie Schreiber)
Post-Translational Modifications and Carcinogenesis (Bruno Chatton)
Oncoproteins (Murielle Masson and Gilles Travé)
Epigenetic Regulation of  Cellular Identity (Michaël Weber)

Receptors, Membrane Proteins and Therapeutic Innovation (scientific management: Isabelle Schalk)

GPCR and Cardiology (Canan Nebigil-Désaubry)
Bacterial Membrane Transport  (Isabelle Schalk)
GPCR, Pain and Inflammation (Frédéric Simonin)

UMS 3286 Integrative Chemistry Biology Platform (Pascal Villa)

ESBS also houses the  “Jean-François Lefèvre” Bio-Incubator, which aims to help new businesses to initiate or develop a commercial activity. It can accommodate 3 “start-ups” for a limited period before they become independent.