Master in Biotech Data Science

Pour la rentrée 2018/2019, l'offre de formation en Master change.

La nouvelle offre proposera le

Master Biotechnologies

avec trois parcours :

Biotechnologie synthétique

Biotechnologie et analyse haut débit

Biotechnologie pharmaceutique.

Le descriptif et les conditions d’admission seront disponibles sur notre site web fin février 2018 !

Programme of studies

The ESBS has partnered with the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Strasbourg to create a new master’s pathway dedicated to biotech data science.

Main objectives:

- To train skilled scientists for the implementation and exploitation of experimental strategies based on big data
- To develop a multi-disciplinary culture combining high-throughput experimentation and information processing
- To raise awareness of the specific management and development issues of a high-throughput platform

Specialist Teaching

The programme is divided into general units of biotechnology, taught at the ESBS, and specialist units created for the master’s qualification. Practical work is in the form of mini-projects carried out in research teams or high-throughput platforms.


Proteomics and Transcriptomics

robot de pipetage en microplaque

  • Applications of high-throughput approaches
  • Processing data streams: signal and information
  • Systems biology

·       2 units of your choice

·       5-month internship

Further information

- From the Course Head: Prof. Bruno Kieffer
- From the secretary of the ESBS via E-mail
- On the webpage of the Faculty of Life Sciences