Further Education

The ESBS offers several further education courses in the field of biotechnology. All courses take place on school premises and benefit from all the educational resources used for the training of future engineers (practical rooms, equipment, computer rooms).

Available Courses

From Big Data to the Validation of a Target Gene

Target audience: Technicians, engineers, researchers in biology, medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, faced with the choice of a candidate gene for experimental verification from a list of genes drawn from high-throughput approaches, particularly in the context of translational medicine.

Course Description

CRISPR siRNA, miRNA: DNA/RNA Interference

Target audience: technicians, engineers and laboratory researchers wanting to acquire experience in the use of siRNA, shRNA and miRNA to control gene expression.

Course Description


Etienne WEISS
Teacher-Researcher and Head of Further Education at ESBS
03 68 85 47 67 / etienne.weiss@unistra.fr

Frédérique COSTES
Registration and information
03 68 85 49 27 /  f.costes@unistra.fr