Engineering degree in Biotechnology

Programme of the studies

The biotechnology studies at the ESBS are lasting for three years, which are preformed at the universities of Basel, Strasbourg and Freiburg. Students from France, Switzerland and Germany are receiving intensive, trilingual interdisciplinary education in the field of biotechnology.

Most of the courses are taking place in Strasbourg, but some (particularly practical ones) take place in Basel and Freiburg. Courses and examinations are in French, German or English.  

Courses are regularly updated to adapt to recent developments in basic and applied research in biotechnology.   

The ESBS study programme includes a wide variety of disciplines, from molecular biology, immunology, biophysics and process engineering to economics, language-learning, molecular modelling and bioinformatics.

The programme ends with an eight-month work placement, for which the students are free to choose the geographical location and sector of activity: industry, private or academic institution.


Service Scolarité
+33 (0) 3 68 85 46 82 (ou 46 80)

École Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg (ESBS)

University of Basel
Pr. Dr. Attila BECKSEI

University of Freiburg
Pr. Dr. Thomas LAUX



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