Engineering Diploma in Biotechnology

Admission 1st year

Recruitment of candidates "sur titre": Application documents + Interview

15 à 17 places

DUT Applied Biology, Biotechnology
BTS Biochemistry, Biotechnology
L2 ou L3 Biology or Biophysichemistry, etc.

Recruitment Polytech-Competition

Prépas PC (3 places), BCPST (8 places) and TB (2 places)

The number of places are given for orientation. They are being decided on through the Polytec Competition and can change during the years.

Recruitment of German and Swiss candidates

The students are selected by the partner universities (Freiburg and Basel). Possibilty to acces with the 2nd or 3rd year of the bachelor (Germany or Swiss).

Contact University of Freiburg
Pr. Dr. Thomas LAUX

Contact University of Basel
Pr. Dr. Attila BECKSEI

Direct admission 2nd year

The candidates having a minimum of a M1 in Sciences, equivalent foreign diploma and a B1 level in German are allowed to apply for a direct entry into 2nd year of the studies "Biotechnology". Recruitment through application documents and an interview, corresponding to the available places.

Engineering Diploma in Chemistry-Biotechnology “ChemBiotech”

Recruitment of candidates via application: application documents + interview

DUT Chemistry, in the field of Biotechnology
L2 or L3 Chemistry, Biology, Chemistry-Biology

Recruitment via Concours and Prépa Intégrée

Concours Polytech: Prépa BCPST (5 places)

Concours Communs Polytechniques (CCP): Prépa PC Chemistry (5 places)

Integrated Preparatory Cycles at Fédération Gay-Lussac: (3 places)


Master’s in High-Throughput Biotechnology

Entry Requirements

- Open to students with a degree (licence) or equivalent (BAC + 3 year higher education course) in biology, pharmacy, informatics or statistics.
- Good level in statistics and informatics. Basic knowledge of cellular and molecular biology.
- Selection by application followed by an interview.

Modalities of the application:

Available places: 10

Application procedure: Application documents + interview

Application period:   1st March 2017 - 17th May 2017
Respond Day: 30th June 2017

Application documents: Webpage ARIA and here

Master’s in Synthetic Biology (reserved for candidates of foreign nationality)


- A minimum level of B1 in German (see Common European Framework of References for Languages) is required for applications to Master’s in Synthetic Biology
- Student in the fields of Biology or Chembiology
- Very good knowledge of Molecular and Cellularbiology, solid basic knowledge in maths and bioi computer science


Modalities of the Admission

Available places: 10

Consulting of the application documents and a following interview.

Application period:   1st March 2017 - 17th May 2017
Respond Date:         30th June 2017

Pre-application on ARIA website to help you to complete your application. Download help file here.