Synthetic microbiology

  • Cours (CM) 15h
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Langue de l'enseignement : Anglais

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

Objectives in terms of knowledge (course content) :
  • Production of glycerine with yeast through metabolite capture; optical enzymatic determination of glucose, ethanol and glycerine
  • Principles in mathematical modeling of regulatory networks
  • Epigenetic mechanisms in tropical infectious diseases (Plasmodium falciparum)
  • Architecture of natural and synthetic cis regulatory responses.
  • Kinetics of synthetic and natural the genetic regulatory networks, cellular memory
  • Feedback regulations in the galactose network; adaptation and memory to metabolites
  • RNA measurements

Compétences à acquérir

Objectives in terms of acquired skills :

The student will be able to write up, solve and analyze basic equations describing gene regulatory mechanisms.
Furthermore, students will be able to construct synthetic gene regulatory networks for specific behaviors.

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