The second edition of the ESBS 2A Poster session

01 Dezember 2017

Tuesday, November 28th, ESBS 2nd year students presented posters in English on the work done at the CRL.

Here are the scientific and societal topics presented on this occasion.

"The effects of binaural beats on memorisation", "The “Door-in-the-face” manipulation technique: a comparison between face-to-face and online conditions", "Influence of Video Tone on Meat", "Consumption", "The influence of foreign languages on the capacity to memorize", "Influence of the Group Effect on People’s Choice", "Effect of Rewards on Student Motivation", "The influence of parents’ professional status and income on children’s buying behavior", Social influence: parameters influencing our
decision making", "The Influence of Typeface and color in Short-Term Memory Processing"

Find out more about the topics in the abstract proceedings.